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you are a gem ..
I just lost

Over 80 followers from 10pm last night to now! Fuck me I guess

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Twitterless Feelings Friday

Standing at the sink with you at my side,
Heart racing, cheeks ablaze; you felt it, too.
But from you there’s something I’ve tried to hide,
A secret I’ll no longer keep from you.

Please do not think that I have been lying,
For the spark between us did come about
While there we stood, washing and drying;
Of this we no longer harbor a doubt.

But to this lovely story there is more,
Another sign of our love connection:
The way you embraced a rather gross chore,
Changed my squeamishness to sweet affection.

For watching you fix the toilet that broke
Is truly the time my feelings awoke.

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letusdreamoutloud said: Love your blog!<3(:

Thank you!

I really appreciate that (:

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